A lyric coincidentally composed the day before Steve Jobs quit.


iOwn a iPhone

iGotta iPod

iWanna iPad

iOughta cry fraud

jAcked iN logged on, eyes are down

onliNe i Am on my way

upriGht looking for the iLowdown

piXiLated there on my diSplay

miCe pAce eWe tOob dEfacebook

sO many venues iN whiCh iPlay

otherwiSe anywiSe everywiSe

iNdiViSiBle anyway

tHree diMensiOns tWo diMensiOns nO diMensiOn

iNdeliCate iNterplay

sEe pretensiOns fee intentiOns flee attentiOns

nOw how much wiLl you iPay

sUbmit to the iCon

iLiFe upon the screen

tEll us all about yourself

tAlk to the iMachiNe

iTalked to my aUnty on sKype

sUch amaziNg iClariTy

remiNded me why iDespiSe her

rEminded her why she despiSes me

iRemembered why iLiKe iGoodiEs

iLove all this iTechnology

aCts as an iElectronic buffer

bEtween iMe and iReality

bOw before the iCon

iLiFe upon the screen

iT’s been almost an hour

sO tell us how you’ve been

tWeet liTtle biRdiE

chiRp upon the screen

nOw all liTtle biRdiEs

cAn be herd and scene

siNg liTtle biRdiE

nO reason to wean

sO many sad biRdiEs

fRom theiR iMorphine

sUrrender to the iCon

iLife upon the screen

kNow that when your wiLl’s gone

tHere’s no need to iNtervene

zeniTh of technology

pLaced iN sociAl priMacy

fOstering conformiTy

iNcludes a small monthly fee

aLso costs for actiVatiOn

aNd for each new appliCatiOn

dOn’t forget your custom tone

aNd priNts for piCtures from your phone

iToons, iPorn, iLife downloaded

connectiOns become corroded

mOnthly expense becomes bloated

deviCe du jour becomes outmoded

suppliCatiOn to the iCon

iLife upon the screen

gEt the latest updates on

iVersiOn seventeen

wiTh consequentiAl diSregard

iMage engiNeers bombard 

tHe consumer – bAttle scarred

commerciAl wastelands scorched and charred   

liVes caught iN a memory card

raiSe your profiLe – drop your guard

hoiSt upon handheld petard

tO sPawn the traumatiZed iTard 

sUccumb to the iCon

iLife upon the screen

iDread all the iSpawn

cOnsequences as foreseen


cAnnot see




stiLl can’t feel


nO appeal


bUy, bygone


bYe iCon


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