Younger Generation



The harsh realities of being successful in one area but still haven't reached an opportunity for yourself.

Never knew my city was so politically-based,

Feeling like a villain in my own place,

Even if you got a degree and graduated Cum Laude,

They still give you no opportunity,

Even way past the birth and the bottle,

We still cry and holler,

Because no one gives us even a few dollars,


Because we’re the biggest threats,

Ones they see as,

We can conquer this,



The older generation supporting the younger kids,

It’s a bomber that we wish,


Explode in their elderly faces,

The world is transitional,

And we’re in need of embracing,


This generation eliminated racial boundaries,

Only the older generations holding onto the power seed,

They walk so proudly,

While not accepting the fact,

The younger generation is coming with a full attack,

And have the internet as their resources,

So they don’t lack,

This is our time,

We are home


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