The Art of Absence



Absence is an art.Absence is creation and is creative.Absence is often universal presence.


The cool winds are blowing high

The crescent moon is blushing and shy

Feeling solitary in absence 

The ancient sky is a deep sigh

This night is like an eternal lie.


Your gracious absence

A pilgrimage for me,

I am the pilgrim and the God myself

I am the artist and the world itself

The space and the minutest existence.


The world is made of contradictions

I feel in absence

Your gracious absence.


Absence lies there where music loses its magic,

Symphony breaks harmony

Silence eliminates eternity

And mystery becomes a revelation...

...Your gracious absence.


Who knows the art of absence better than you?

Ofcourse the world is for magicians

You know how to enchant the world 

How to make miracles

Milestones of mankind

You have that divine wisdom

The art of absence...

...Your gracious absence.


Absence is catharsis of desire

Fragrance of nostalgia

Absence is the craze for dying

The prospect of a new life

Absence is the juvenile earth

And its fire.


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