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11/12/2016 Two poems; Echo and Aesthete. One about having heard it all before... the other about how beauty affects me, and hopefully, you.



Is there an echo in here...?

It seems like I heard that sentiment





These words of wisdom

which spill from your lips

are nothing new...

...nothing new

nothing new...


I think I'm *yawn*

gonna *YAAAWWWN*








I have a joy and passion

for life and beauty

which I carry everywhere I go

in every step of every day.


Big Block sang;


"In the park...

There's a box of sand.

A. Box. Of. SAAAAND."


 ...and my child's heart 

swelled with love and wonderment.

Such a simple verse

but the words carry so much weight

and yet are so uplifting.


...and I see your face

and your smile

and I gaze into your eyes

and bury my face in your cheek...




The cool wind blows across my

tormented brow.

I close my weary, cynical eyes

and I throw my imagination

into the wind

to go wherever it does...

to see new places

and kiss new cheeks.


I revel in the beauty of

hand-made forms and 

nature alike.

My eyes and heart wrap


around the shapes and colours

of words and smiles.


My senses come alive

with the pleasure

of food, music, dance

and kisses.


Beauty caresses my soul

and with it I bless yours.

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