Flickering Flame



A writer is the flickering flame who is discouraged.

Flickering flame of candle glows,

swirling storm, in the gale that blows,

Vexing the thoughts, waning the moon,

flickering flame of candle doom!

Splayed colors on creative hands,

conventional thoughts of barren lands.

Wrinkled hands, young still, eyes grow grey,

Sitting forlorn that man's prey.

Flickering flame of candle's halo,

staggering in her darkness, shadows follow.

Placatory hands must surround the candle,

Just a girl, conscience, can't he handle?

Sprawling on ice, the girl is tired,

flickering the flame of candle admired?

Lines of fate, wept the eyes,

Everyone listens, no one answers her cries.

Waiting for mercy, just a little hope,

Welcome death, here is the rope.

Coward people, mourning her chaos,

flickering the flame of candle goes.

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