Edit and reboot of Ringmaster's Call. Beyond basic.

enter my mind grind to kick off the circus,
welcome you all to my inverted purpose,
introduction of nothing a half eaten brain,
left with breaths rest and yet halfly insane,
eyes flicker storm wars churning away,
gazing abyss my heart got lost in the shade,
night vision condition a pessimist sings,
past is my trash daughters only good thing,
perception is messing up this hope that i tote,
times rushing off cost of missing the boat,
wasted ways gone there is no going back,
regret is a heavy head i reset forget that,
i am the dancer whirling away on his own,
everything done all my voices seem gone,
mind is empty sent me blessing no sound,
i was a cloud shroud silent violence around,
wearing no mask ask the whole stories raw,
life dramatic panic drunk not wearing off,
bundle a dozen years those were not mine,
rest of this madness i destroyed every time,
i have broken belief seen hypocrites teach,
speaking mine im not dotting i cross a t,
hate placed for the fight that i might succeed,
burning my eyes with lies tied to my deeds,
refrain from saying the depth of the hurt,
loved unwell tell them sweetly I'm cursed,
i can still smile bastard laughing myself,
hated by those blinded minds of my wealth,
im grateful so thankful armed for attack,
mental essentially prepping fatal combat,
remember my letters written as ammunition,
new breed bitten dismissing all competition!
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