Everything You Know is Wrong (EYKIW)



beat poetry by Tony Caravan (BMI) written nearly 10 years ago, but getting truer by the minute...

Ah, what do you know?

All you do is sit around and watch the boob tube,

or browse the Internet.

It’s clear you’re in pretty much of a state of denial about 

practically everything.

It’s the 21st Century… where most of you look around

trapped in a retro-obsessed culture of pseudo-realities that

change like channels and flow like web pages.

The malady spread in the U.S. in the 1990s

as new communications technologies and the

World Wide Web became ubiquitous.

The puzzling thing about this phenomenon is that

you’d expect a completely opposite result from such

a transformation of the society.

Life’s really different in the 2000’s compared to the 1990s

In one decade there has been a transmutation from the previous

socio-economic-political natural existence to a

virtual reality world of discontent.

People are going through the motions of life

—diversions to avoid confrontation with reality.

The corporations, politicians and the media

encourage, reward and feed on this behavior

to maintain their wealth, power and property.

Meanwhile the gap between the haves and have-nots

is widening to levels not seen since Medieval England.

The very things that the power elite claim to be doing

or will do if elected have already become so out of reach

to the slave society, that even the dream of achieving them

has become fantasy.

In short, the world has changed and nobody knows it.



The cost of living and the price of the average house

in the U.S. has doubled over the last ten years

but wages haven’t.

People have new expenses they never had in the 90s…

Cell phone bills, high-speed Internet bills, computer-related

expenses, high-def, big-screen TVs, higher student loan bills,

higher fuel bills, higher credit card bills, higher health care bills…

You get the picture?

It cost more to live than the average person can earn.

Which makes most people go into debt just to survive.


The majority of people in the U.S. become slaves to the corporations, politicians and media owners.

There’s just nothing to do about it

under this current corporate-capitalist system.


It won’t change unless the system is changed

And we know that is very, very unlikely

given the control that the powers that be have now.


In order to keep this slave society going

and the cogs of the machine operating smoothly

the country must find more and more raw materials

to feed the behemoth; unfortunately at the expense of

the people who live on those caches of Earthly treasure.

This inevitably creates blow-back which we’ve 

already tragically seen here.

Again, this foreign policy has persisted for so long

that there’s very little chance of change over the

next generation or two.


We’re already experiencing problems in the country…

housing, transportation… something’s got a pop,

it always does. I just hope it’s not my brain,

so I can at least watch the drama unfold.


I’m afraid to report that there are no things we can do;



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