Just another paradise.



Waking really does it for me!


 I can't stop wiggling! This fish loves this so!

Raucously wriggling, got my swim up to go!

Grin giggling, belly jiggling, so glad that won't show!

My tail fins now squiggling my butt up from below.


 I surface from dreaming to consciousness call.

My purchase on reality, suspicious, if at all.

When my eyes glimpse the sunrise in it's fine, skyward crawl

I surmise I'm alive and get so inspired I scrawl.


 I could be on Saturn! So remote and obscure

but, where wouldn't matter, with no woe to endure.

Perhaps my minds scattered and I may concur.

So each day I splatter like it's my last one, for sure!

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There's more where that came from!