Thrown At Me



Going through life of mine

This is my path

Low key with intelligence

They were never smart enough 

To put me in the high class

Handcuffed to society

Kept My hands always tied back

They asked what i wanted to be When i grew up i just wanted to say me

A Normal job was not built for my graft

 1  + Me = The best i can be 

This is my maths 

Life is a hard task 

Split decisions think fast 

If you think that its easy and do not believe me 

I Would give you a billion pounds

After you walked through the years in my past

See if you last 

That is a picture i would like to see 

Let me view that 


After 16 years 

You Would call yourself a Jew 

Find Hitler and volunteer to be gassed 

Life has not all been smiles and laughs

Built a life of foundations on life boats and rafts 

Still a modern day slave Trying to Adapt 

A world with so many problems 

The least should be the fact that i am black 

I am not trying to be Offensive 

I am just stating my facts 

Survival of the fittest 

Only the fittest will fit this 

This is not about race 

Too explicit 

Thank You critics 

You could be Blue ,White,Black or even pink in the face

Every Citizen in this world is under attack

Afraid to fight back even with faith 

Born a lion in this jungle raised to lead a pack 

Like a full deck of cards i'll never leave the pack 

Loyal to myself 

If life was rolled up in a ball 

Then i'll be the bat 

Hitting everything that is thrown at me 

Poetry Written By Tammy Jeffers Wells 
































































































































































































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