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7/10/16 How do you create something out of nothing?

Ambition is a curious thing. 

It is. 

I know because I see it in others. 

I can see them caring. 

Look at how invested they are. 

Just look.

No, really!


They are devoted to their task

to themselves and their lives. 

They love it,

they thrive and struggle 

and maybe they even grow. 




I just don't know. 

I had it once. 

I felt a purpose

a need

a desire

a destination.

I did. 

I really did. 


That shit kept me alive. 

It fucking hurt but it kept me alive. 


Now what?


Degree, job, house, wife, kids...

all ticked off. 

I should be happy. 

All of these things are good. 


Not me.


Now what...?


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