Live present



You're saying you're happy, I got my doubts, 

I see it in your eyes, lost like a mouse, 

sufferer to birds of pray, up in the sky, 

I catch glimmers, the sadness, I see through your disguise

Trying to conceal feelings, deep true and real,

You don't want to express, think its a sign of weakness,

Instead you get vexed, maybe for you its complex,

for your mind to handle, the shame or scandal,

which cause impulses — of energy in motion, 

to flow deep inside, unpredictable as oceans,

I could say your fooling no one, but that much isn't true,

being reserved has become in itself accustomed to you,

cos it's a way of coping you learned  as you grew,

but listen close- take note cos u r growing still,

we can learn something new each day- I'm sure that you will,

one day you'll grow and know how to let feelings flow,

an no longer explode like a volcano,

just breathe- relax, one day you can look back at the past,

take it in as air, exhale the waste,

take control of your emotions, don't be dismayed or displaced,

by this time you'll understand its not for anyone's sake,

people going to try bring you down, don't listen to snakes,

keep moving forward — but do look back on mistakes,

the problem is people say forget about your past,

no remember that — yeah make your recollections last,

don't get confused by what I'm saying I'm not saying to dwell,

just don't b saying that you haven't no regrets to yourself,

everybody can grow with a reflection of self,

regrets you can learn from,

so you don't end up a broken record jumping on the same song,

as you know good memories can be vivid,

it can be hard for this not to make oneself livid,

positive memories are so vague-and hazey,

I cant even remember half of my today see,

frustrations of trying to picture a loved one you missed,

or when u try to remeniss the pleasure of a first kiss,

just hold on to this, the little treasure you have,

you can close your eyes and remember, me I remember my dad 

Then, — keep daytime dreams for guessing what the future may hold,

life is a game of chances and its a story untold,

at anyone time you can focus on a goal,

take a chance or a risk and watch the play script unfold,

these aims don't even need to be so certain, if you believe there's a greater force that's working,

something that in this life can ease u from the hurting,

and I ain't talking ending life's or closing the stage curtain,


Take each day as it comes, but look at the past, think to the future ,

Live present



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