Because not all the friends you will make in this life have your best interests at heart...



I was a rock for you, a shoulder, some strength,

For you, I would run to the furthest lengths.

No doubts, no sighs, no questions asked,

In me, you had a trust to last.

When a friend switches sides

You learn to change with the tide,

But with their true selves revealed,

Life becomes so surreal.

Was it a lie? Was it all a show?

Where I was your puppet and may never have known

Had you not been caught looking into my eyes

Whilst secretly planning for my demise?

Trusted talks became fuel to your fire

That tormented my truths and crowd me a liar.

You took a match to the shelter I made you,

I saw the flames dance with your joy in full view.

You'd been biding your time, waiting for your cues,

And I pity you now trying to fill my shoes.

You may be full of delights and sweet nice-as-pie smiles,

But sugar rots and sweetness only lasts a short while.

So continue to live as the better version of me,

Because life is a great teacher and you will soon see,

When your morals are loose and your niceties fake,

You have already chosen your future mistakes.

I can now thank you for removing yourself from my vision, 

Relieving me of the burden of making that decision.

This is simply one more chapter that has come to a close,

And a welcome diversion of the path that I chose.

You continue to live your life faking and defending,

And onwards I go to my happy ending.

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