Heart Balloons and Giant Penises



To spit in the eye of fear and nervousness, to love your way through it

My love is cotton candy,

wrapped around a hearty meal.

Your love is a sugar coated katana,

just lick the edge...

My love for us is a heart shaped balloon,

slowly growing to encompass every part of us,

Your love for us is like a massive schlong,

spearing its way into the psyche, penetrating, serious.



Come on, Kindred,

we are same.

I love you and you me.

Let that be enough.


We shared something today,

many heart-felt belly laughs,

even through the imminent threat and

heavy presence of pain and heart break,

we laughed to spite ourselves.


We see good in each other.

We see self and comfort and home

and just a little hint of danger...


but what if we keep it in check...?


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