Beat poetry by Tony Caravan (BMI)

It’s not hard to see that things
have gone from bad to worse — everywhere!
Humanity is clearly on a path
of self-destruction and hopelessness.

Not that things haven’t seemed
dreadful before:
Ancient barbarism and slavery,
The Plague, The Holocaust,
and all the wars…

But amid the horror and despair,
in days gone by, there were always
places and people in other parts
of the world that were unaffected.
Places for the fortunate to escape to,
People who were welcoming and who cared.

Now we live in a world of desperation;
where billions of people are suffering,
poor, sick, enslaved and unhappy.
Those few who are merry and live well,
do so by taking from the rest of us.
And those who are accepting and content
are as guilty as those who are in charge.

There’s no happy ending this time
Because there’s no place to run to.
No new country, no land of opportunity.
Each year it gets worse for more and
more people, and only those who are in
pain, seem to see through the lies.

It’s as if life is video game and we’re
just characters in a virtual world.
We have little control over our limited
lives, while the players are having fun.

In fact, some believe that the Universe
is a simulation, and that’s the way it is.
And perhaps they’re right. And now that
we are starting to realize that it’s
all a game, the game is about to end.

In fact it’s because we are starting to
realize that it is a game, that it’s
all about to end.



Here's my recorded version of this on SoundCloud:

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