For Me That's Enough




Do you ever feel like you've

Tried everything?


Like you've tried being yourself

And someone else at the same time?


Like you've tried using fate,

Saving face sat on the fence

And leaning against those

Who might unlock the gate?


Do you ever feel like you've also

Tried smashing it down,

Shouting out loud and clear,

Not what others want to hear but

What you really think,

Being honest, not worried of

Those who don't get your shtick?


Do you ever feel like you've also

Tried climbing the walls of compromise,

Like a word ninja,

Like you’ve tried being clever,

Calm and collected,

Charming and nice,

Like you've tried using your wit

And exemplary banter?


Do you ever feel like you've

Tried everything?

Like you've tried doing your research

And ticking off the listings

While listening to the experts,

Like you've tried finding the world in others hands,

Assuming they've got the secret,

Someone else always has?


Well here's to you.

And here's to her.

And here's to him.


Here's to everyone who’s tried every single thing,

Every bit of advice they've ever been given

Every bit of anything anyone’s told them,

From writing a strongly worded email to facing your Nemesis,

To banging your head against the brick wall of unfairness,

From trying to fight despite your nose being cut off,

To keeping in line even though

It won't get you in-front –

Here's to trying and not getting anywhere,

And actually not enjoying the ride,

Just losing time and hair

And new ways of getting there,

No-one takes the Megabus

For money nor love,

Fulfillment is what most of us

Are working towards

But the cost of getting there is too high,

Not everyone can afford the price,

Not everyone’s legs are long enough for the race,


And we all know life's finish line is scary

That's why we want our beds to lie in

To be ones we're proud of

And our last words to be heard

In the great send-off:


"I tried everything –

For me that's enough."



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