I am undecided

In the twilight, a cry splinters the air causing even condensation to shiver,

A lone image, a shadow falls cracking the earth beneath,

blistering the stars with its heat, its anger, its pain.

A Meadowlark cries, shattering the once quiet night.

Loneliness, silent, deadly, grows allowing no one, not even death to enter its sanctuary,

its world, its life.

Alas, morning never comes for dusk reigns,

it rears its ugly head, laughing, mocking life,

as if saying, 'This is what I live for, this discord, this confusion.

See, even the lone shadow waiting for death to come, to take him, can't find peace.

I won't release my hold of him.

He is forever in my grasp, living between life and death, wanting peace, but finding none.

No peace in life, no peace in death.

forever in limbo as chills tingle down earth's spine.

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