Desperate Eyes



No disrespect or tainted clouds intended as I deliver an unfortunate report. As a refined and delicate lady who was captivated and sadden while observing the typical club-hopper prepping for the weekend review. Quite frankly, little has changed over the years; the  visual remains the same, only different faces.

Many of us are enforced spectators, witnessing questionable behavior patterns by a distinctive breed of females. My observations are free of judgment but I am clearly mystified. Allow me to set the Friday Night Club Scene:

Standing by the bar under the florescent lights with the familiar group of enablers; dancing to the rhythms while making the most of whatever frame she resides in, remaining ever-conscious of her surroundings. No time to become distracted, she is on a mission; scanning the room for a potential shopper. If lucky, she just may attract a buyer.

Turning-It-Up, how about Toning-It-Down! The intoxicated and desperadoes garnish their lonely hearts with mascara and designer perfumes. Many seek gratification and attention in whatever formula offered.

The vultures will watch and observe from afar seeking the perfect appetizer. Such predators will access, sniff out the cobwebs, determine his prey and swiftly move in for the kill.
Whatever cheap thrill offers a moment of satisfaction and sends him home with a Kool-Aid smile, rest assure, he will gladly indulge.

Ladies regardless of prolonged evenings spent dusting off your fine sheets anticipating the arrival of Mr. Right, remain cognate of compromising decisions.

Waking to discover remnants of entertaining one who only displayed temporal interest, can deflate the heart of the most confident woman.

Realizing that you were chosen as a mere snack to reduce hunger pains may serve as rude awakening.

Do yourself a favor and display digression. Have a cocktail if you choose. Get your dance on and laugh it up with the girls. However, reframe from staring in a feature film viewed only by the eyes of those who wish to defame your character. Restore your inner crown, pierce the clowns with a fearless side-eye and exit with your dignity.

Retain the golden key to your pearl factory; ensure the fingerprints who have the pleasure of embracing that coveted key, desires more than an after taste of your well-seasoned flesh!

Your pride will hurt far less when you awake with a refreshed and dignified spirit, rather than a sample meat-tray that was tossed out with the morning trash.

Live, Love, and continue to have a phenomenal time, but respect and embrace the beautiful lady staring from the mirror.

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