My Opinion Can't Kill You America and Guns



A poem about my views of guns in America.

America you rudely awoken beast,

The hypocrisy in preaching peace

When dust still hasn't settled in your green pastures

There is still mothers grieving in all of your massacres

You condemn the world to play by your rules

Yet your children still aren't safe to go to your schools

Americans maintain they need to keep their rights

Still all they are doing is escalating quarrels into gun fights

All corners of the world look to your lead

A tree of peace cannot grow from a bullet seed

You carry concealed weapons for 'protection'

Cant you see your hindering your own progression

If you taught more people to use their words as their lead

Then there'd be more sons and daughters asleep in their bed

An ideal world would be completely gun free

Its an amendment to the bill of rights you have to decree

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