"Letting Go"



Don't be afraid to let go and live

I’m letting go

Letting my soul free

Letting my 3rd eye open the door to a universe of infinity possibility

I’m letting go

I can’t be burdened no more

I have to be free to give my daughter the key to her legacy

I can't be depressed

I want to be there when she's not feeling right

when she needs reassurance

and wants me to read her at story at the end of the night

I’m letting go


My light shines brighter when I'm outside these walls

I'm escaping from the clutches of insecurity

From now on

I’m moving through life without regret or care

I vow to no longer hold back my true self

I've go so much love inside of me

I'm eager to share

I can't hold what I have to give hostage anymore

So, I'm letting go.

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