Athlete — 3



An athlete's train of thought before (and during) a competition

Final fifteen minutes of wait
All the fears are building up
But there's no pressure release valve
So you better hold it together, stay cool
Cooler than the sweat running down your spine
Looking at others and their poker faces
As if you all went to different acting schools
All pretending to be the killers of the room
Reminding you to rehearse your moves
Forecasting what others will do
Now you're feeling tactically superior
Jumping in excitement you're ready to go
Damn starter, please don't take long...
The pistol fires, stampede ensues
Your body knows where to move
Mind ogling if it's looking good
Sealing the choice of your group
A moment of relaxation though you're racing on
The next heartbeat your painless state is gone
The agony begins but you can't fold
Survive a little more and clear your thoughts
Focus on what's ahead and who to attack
With the last two hundred and fifty remaining
You accelerate pass a group of victims
They're foolish to retaliate on the bend
Now it's straight to the finish line
You've been seeing red for a while
But the question is who can do it a little longer
You know you won't break first, pushing on
Sacrificing a piece of your soul
You pay the price to wear that gold

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