The Tree Of Life



Poetry about a hunted witch


The richness of the dark night
Hollowing an echo through the moons light
Stars explode like crackling fire
Doomed by ones desire.

There she stands with acid rain tears
Cold and alone fighting her fears.
Instinct is all one can trust
Selling her body for a superficial lust.

Rumours are rife
She's the talk of the town
Time to wield the axe
Bring this poppy down

Through the Forrest
She hears there bellows
Your going to die witch
Swing from the gallows

Pleading to Mother Earth
She gets down on her knees
Places her book of shadows upon the fallen branches
Upon the autumn leaves

Recites a spell so pure and strong
Please goddess save me from theses men
Who wish to do me wrong

Lightning flashes thunder roars
The men are surrounding her
Naming and shaming
Yelling filthy whore.

Out of no were the tree branches break
Crashing like a hurricane
Tortured souls scream out in pain

Not long after
There is silence In the night
She is no longer hunted
the spell has saved her life

She thanks the goddess
The goddess replies

Forgive them because they no not what they do
They chose to destroy this humble land that bears them there fruit
But As there body's disintegrate into dust
Ones greed has fed the earths lust.

For its she who holds the key
Mother Nature can provide
When you call upon the power
Of The immortal

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