You're not you today



1/12/2016 If I am not me who am I?

I used to think I was simple. 

So easy to understand.

Just give me food, freedom to love

and shelter. 

Oh, and sex. 

Maybe some kids. 

That's it. 


Oh, of course I didn't know. 


Maybe, just maybe, I needed to be loved too?

Then I started to know people,

I mean, really

And I found that I could see many things

that others simply could not. 

So I started to think of myself

as perhaps just a little different,

it would explain so much. 


And then I got told,

by someone I trusted,

"You're not you today". 


And I continued to 

"not be me"

every day thereafter. 


So, maybe, just maybe,

if I am a different person every day...


I'm not so simple after all. 

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