Those romantic loves



They need to talk about themloving mornings full of caresses they bathe with their yearstheir love isn't freethey belong together.They aren't pretty well passion before workjuice and coffe looks and no blame they've got no choicei...

They need to talk about them
loving mornings full of caresses 
they bathe with their years
their love isn't free
they belong together.

They aren't pretty well 
passion before work
juice and coffe 
looks and no blame 
they've got no choice
inhabit the same body.

They are being targeted
all day calls mensages twits
and poems tags in scriggler
figths messing up lunch
can't live without each other.

And got back lost smiles
when they get home
dinner movies hugs
heart-to-heart talk 
love is their home. 

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