One of the poems featured in my newest publication "Dopamine" available on Amazon (all partner sites except China) Blurb (worldwide) and Barnes and Noble. Also available in small bookshops around Europe! Simply search Anja Absinthe!

I’m addicted to your brand of hypocrisy and its the worst.

I've cut my fingertips on your razor wit and barbed tongue.

Oh, how I love and loathe that burning inside.

And death curls up beside me and whispers seductive nothings in

my ear. 

Nothings as cold as you;

beneath a exterior of flawless beauty you’re corrupt and scarred,

twisted self perversions wrap around whats

left of a soul. 

It was my destiny to fall for you;

to be broken down and condemned by you.

I needed to die a thousand little deaths inside 

to prepare me for what laid beyond the horizon.

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