Could you be escaping adulthood due to your childhood experiences.

Responsibility escaping me,

Is it due to my father,

Not being there for me?

Has it subconsciously affected me?



Is that the reason I never cared to learn,

How to tie a tie,

26 year old man with a pre-tie,

Treating responsibilities like apartheid,

Too much pride to cry,

Running from being a man,

But yelling “I love I”,


Selfish intention,

When will he be a man,

Because his child is missing,

The precious love,

That only a father be given,


When will he trace back his childhood,

And uncover his past,

Of where he abandoned responsibilities,

Because of the hurt of his dad,

While your child saying “Daddy come home?”

“Dad come home?”


This home isn’t a happy home,

When dad isn’t coming home,

I only met you at six,

Now I’m growing but still miss,

The responsibilities of my father’s presence,

Because I know he exist,

“DAD……………….you came home”.


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