Out of Line



When the mind, body and soul are not aligned...



Out of Line



         Peculiar ways this form has sheltered my self

         It seems at once zealous and sound

         Assured these sails have ushered me

         Into a blissful anthology

         An intimate register of lore


         Each nuance, if breezy or a bit tempestuous

         Have forces collecting up contentment

         Captured in thin rations of my affections

         Can I manage to fathom the full value of such?

         Is it truth that my senses are learning?


         Still, this semblance has not revealed such cues

         That scattered like a preservative held within

         So savage, why captain have you

         In a carriage of conservation

         Rather fostered and furnished a weapon!


         Devoid of warning

         A new organic inequality was wild

         Indulged by mysterious minds

         Oh, fitly, how this verse recast

         Is a fair chisel to my marrow


         Already in this dash I must attend

         Before there is a new gale at hand

         While in the clearing I seek liberation

         While disarmed, a warm melting befalls

         Can this sustain me in the pause?


         Can this new reliance prevail over

         That tiny germ of unease lurking in the shade?

         Upon a sequel, this notion of an unquestionable intention

         One delicate maneuver fronting an open trial

         Can I trust to lean on?


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