Someday Soon



Beat poet Tony C gives us a glimpse of the near future...

words and music by Tony Caravan (BMI)

Someday soon now
we’re gonna find out the truth
Any very soon now
they’ll be an end to the ruse

Then what’s real will cancel out
all that we’ve been told
and the truth will flow
like a mountain waterfall
making its way for all to see

Someday soon now
the lies of those who repress
will be brought to light
And very soon now
the tyrannical manipulators
will be seen without their clothes

Then the world as we perceived it
will change right before our eyes
And the things we believed in
will fade away and die
giving way for a brighter day

Someday soon now
you’ll understand what your
ancestors knew
You’ll feel the life-force of
mother Earth
and the energy of the Universe

Then as a Cosmic being
you’ll comprehend the meaning
of pure love
And vibrate at the frequency
of peace and harmony with all there is

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