From "Poems People Liked (1)" "Downcast" is about going back and rediscovering, then getting sad at the loss which you can discover and rediscover again and again with 'downcastness'.The loss, to be specific, is personal and concerns me not writing poetry anymore. The muse did, indeed, depart.

I begin with some well-wrought cliches:

a face full of flowers

by a window,

a humming hearth where

the in-folding flames

hold a thousand roses by trestles of soot

while outside, the leaves of the autumn trees,

not yet undone of their crimson-chrome,

bypass all platitudinous theories

and reiterate a passionate

reasonless reason for making known

the incredible odour of sunken hours

when snow had its own

impeccable bleach of flowers

and loaves had no need of wheat.


Drawn under, again and again

I have blundered upon innumerable halved hearths,

suddenly crestfallen,




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