Music with no words





Music with no words
Bring tears to my eyes
Like the blinding rays of the first sight of dawn in the morning arisen
It touches places in my heart and soul like no other words have
It feels like magic, it is sightful but not touchable
Like water slipping through my fingers
Oh, I fall…before I can even catch myself
Catch the breath between my lips
It makes me grow weak in my knees
It fulfills the emptiness inside me with pure peaceful melodies that whisper deeper meanings into my heart
Oh, not even words can explain this feeling
For it feels so beautiful
I wonder if the moon can shine brighter than the sun
Or if the sun could heat the world with more of its warmth
For these feelings seem to possess me
Oh, but it cannot be for I have gone insane
I wonder if there is more such a beauty than a song with no words
I think not
If music infatuated such wonder and evoking thoughts than I marvel why the world is so kind not to notice

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