Spoken Word

I see me in you,
fighting against an evil,
we shouldn’t have to.
Anger turned inward, outward,
we learn to stay armored.
Cowards who would,
just cause they could,
not thinking if they should.
Loving people is wanting to see them grow,
tap into the universal flow.
The world has a sickness,
it’s all around in business.
Yet we have to practice forgiveness of the malicious.
Focus not on what was done to you,
but what you can do.
Our vibration is lower, energy slower,
if we chose to cower,
from those abusing power.
Down here, there is real pain if we can’t hear,
our own voice,
know it is our choice,
we can still rejoice.
Though some have material things,
little love it brings,
makes them too heavy to fly high,
they stay low,
while we reach the sky.
The greedy have a spiritual illness,
no sail in their ships,
windless, wingless.
Took my course in love,
from above,
not down here, in a world controlled by fear.
Never did blend with a narcissus, or anyone factitious,
colourless leaders, religious, or superstitious,
or the numbness and dullness of monetary richness.
We’re moving like water through places to people,
bringing an energy, called synergy, we are all worthy,
if we chose love, not hate, to live in a higher state.

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