There is only so long you can wait for someone before you have to make a decision and move on. And if you are not on the same path then how can you enjoy the present moment together?

Saturday 2nd May 2015 13.13


My love, I kiss you softly from above.


The movement is beautifully tender; our skin caressing, lips suggesting love.


My love, the world disappears and opens up; we are no longer separate.


Love has embraced us in its heart and shown us the present.


There is no distinction between man and woman.


Love transcends gender, form, appearance and norms.


Love opens the heart if we drop old ways.


I say to love, fill up my cup and all my days


There is nothing more I wish for than unconditional love for all.


Love I hear you call my name.


I will follow you but do not know whether my lover feels the same.



Love thank you for waiting and loving me through all the human ignorance and hating.


Is she the one to join me in the love fest and open hearted celebrating?


Time has the answers, the Zen Master says, “We’ll see.”


Noticing my frustrations, I bow and offer them a cup of tea.


Love you’re here now and are liberating pain.


There is happy, sad and everything in between the extremes.




From where I am standing now


She wasn’t the one to travel with me and that’s okay


I wish her well as I continue on my way.


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