Homeless and Broken




I stay close to the darkness

Out of sight from the world's cold heart

I am without spirit

A hollow shell

A forlorn shadow

Roaming the streets aimlessly

I strive for nothing

Live for even less

A dark cloud sits overhead

My guiding star

Leading me astray

To a place without hope

I exist as a vampire

A nocturnal creature

Slinking down dark paths

Searching for discarded food

Chicken bones with fragments of meat attached

Rotten vegetables

The natural instinct

The will to survive

It's almost funny ...

I was once like you




Reasonably successful

But the Wheel of Fortune played me

Decided it was my time

Luck forsaking me

Job gone

Wife into the arms of another

House repossessed

Pockets empty



Yes ... almost funny

Winter is approaching

I feel it in the air

That subtle change

The ultimate challenge

Fending off the ravenous cold

Sleeping in sub-zero conditions

The joys of hypothermia



So much to look forward to

I delve into the park

A place where few venture during the dark hours

A sprawling coniferous wonderland

Plenty of hiding places

Lions in the tall grass



There is always one

One foolish person

Taking a shortcut through the park

In the early hours

All for the sake of saving a few minutes

I see one

Walking down the winding path

I keep to the darkness

He walks with haste

I sense his nervousness

His aura of regret

Wishing he had taken the longer route home

His mind inundated with villainous happenings

A wealth of 'What Ifs'

It's pointless turning back

He has reached the midway point

He walks past me

Oblivious to my existence

I smile

Then ...

A question comes forth

I wonder if the stories are true

About human flesh tasting like chicken

I dip into my coat pocket

And pull out a large knife

I guess I'm about to find out

It's a funny old world





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