American Love Poem



American Love Poem is written in memory of Josephine {Baker}, Billie {Holiday} & Dorothy {Dandridge,} along with a host of others who endured intolerant times in America, despite their brilliance. lmr

America LOVED you!
Didn't she?

She regarded you as Special
And the fabulousness of
Your gift as unique!
Perhaps you were even seen
As beautiful!  Yes!  For a time
You reigned supreme!
You were the bee's knees!
The toast of the town...  you were
C'est Magnifique!

And from your tortured head
To your blistered feet
America LOVED you!

Whether you wore feathers or
A gardenia or
A flashy red dress...
America did her best by you...

Didn't she?

Forget about those back door 
Entrances to some swinging new 
Revue!  America LOVED you!

Blink back the tears
When exiting thru those intolerant kitchens!
America LOVED you!

And never mind the ritzy 
Hotels and fancy establishments where 
You were treated worse than 
Some 3rd class citizen!
America LOVED you!

Forget Jim Crow abuses!
Black Bodies swinging from
Nooses... seen through the eyes of a
Terrified young Josephine,
A disillusioned Billie...
brokenhearted Dorothy.

So step inside your key light
And smile...
Dance! Sing! 
Entertain, damn it!
And act...
Like hatred just

After all
America LOVED you!
From your glorious ascension
To your tragic fall...
From your dubious birthright,
To your luminous hearse lights...

America LOVED you!

Didn't it?

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