To Granny in Heaven...



A child's love for their grandmother can never be dampened, even when they are living in two different worlds x

Like a child's comfort blanket easing the mind,
She was the pinnacle of warmth so loving so kind, 
She lived on a farm, our second home, 
Through the fields and the streams we used to roam, 
Our childhoods were filled with innocent games, 
As we hunted for fairies down  mysterious lanes, 
I cuddled into her and happily sucked my thumb, 
And played with the folds on her housecoat till my fingers were numb, 
She always fed us soup before going to bed, 
Then tucked us so tight we could hardly move our head,
But warm and safe we were sure to be,
Loving us so dearly my sisters and me,
As the years went by our love didn't tame, 
We idolised her just the very same, 
When God came to reclaim her as we knew God would,
We wondered if letting her go was something we could, 
However she lay so peaceful so content with life, 
Happy to join Sam as his loving wife, 
We all gathered around her with tears in our eyes, 
One of the hardest of our goodbyes,  
We could sense our hearts darken & could feel our souls weep, 
As we each touched her arm and she fell asleep. Xxx 
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