Snippets of time



6/9/16 An attempt to capture machine-gun thoughts and images — poetry set

As a glance in the mirror,

movement catching the eye,

is it really me in the image appearing

in the catch-and-throw light of the glass?


It's a McDonald's culture we live in.

Today, I am just as throwaway

and life-impacting as fast food packaging.

You'll forget me by tomor-


Cut me off, excise me like a tumour or a polyp.

Forget about the bleeding,

it isn't you who is feeling it,

so who cares?


Spring air bringing change and growth,

as Kenneth Grahame said,

everything is uneasy, there is unrest,

the world just wants to get on with it.


We have no time to get angry,

we have no time to show love, or care,

we are not allowed that luxury,

we are all so caught up in our black-hole lives.


Barely 8AM and there're already

seven hundred things I have not done,

but only a fragile few people

I have thought of or spoken to.




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