Reflecting on the early intimate relation and how the little things separate us from what is pure and true. Once it is gone you cannot get it back except to live with its memory. So are many true firsts. In sober reflection, let's gracious about moving on. You win some and lose some, such is life.


If ever I loved another, it was you and you know it.
Clear as a crystal day, you are the whale that got away,
We shared what others dreamed about.

Demands of reason and accountability drove us apart.
How possible, that what we uniquely shaped, wore so fast?
Now time builds memory mounds of our youth.

The epics of our bond remains indelible, etched in my inner mind,
Replaying itself without regards for time or responsibilities.
Collection of your defining smiles, our jokes and happy times together.

Now time has passed, I know you are somewhere else,
Can we still laugh and smile about the way things were?
Streams run into rivers, rivers into the oceans.

As I wave you goodbye, from the window of my heart,
Let those who come after us learn this truth,
If ever you find your whale, don’t wait for the next dance.

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