The Pants Thief



A little humorous sea shanty for kicks, and for adding content to my story

There once was a pirate,
As big as five barrels of ale.
stole the pants off from folk,
so he could cover his tail!

He never could quite find, 
a pair of pants that would fit.
but he never stopped taking,
no he never could quit.

The pants thief they called him,
The pants thief they cried!
the pants thief will take 
all your trousers and pride!

He stole from the men
He stole from the lass.
He stole from the king
And he stole from the mass.

It was a quest for the pants he could wear
It was a journey he had to take bare!

And at last he came,
across a giant the same,
size as his waist
and he almost acquired the massive attire
but he fell to a sharp blade and cooked o'er a fire

The pants thief they called him,
No pants ne'er he wore!
Smelled delicious as the scent 
of a great roasted boar.

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