I'll just leave this right here...Enjoy!

Propagate debates,

Days matter inflates,

Prejudicial stains…

We should rather abstain.


Right and wrong,

Miscalculatedly going,

Pronouns, verbs, blurbs;

Misunderstandedly doing.


Higher up breathe logic,

From the cradle to coffin,

Molded by circumstance,

The repetitive often.


Media byte sized,

Subliminal mind vibes,

Depressions worldwide,

From being minimized.


This is not purpose,

Intellectually worthless,

Follow the hollow chaff,

Throw dross in the furnace.


Only way that we change,

Make weapons of brains,

Spin the top off things,

Free the people to think.


Be conscious of breath,

Every second you live,

Dreams are future past,

All that we have is this.


Make the most of it now,

Rollercoaster of Wow!

The comedic tragedy,

It’s your life, take a bow!

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