Family Furlough



Summer time is vacation time

Blue suede boots and chaps
Face obscured by dark sideburns
Hips whirling and twirling to “Devil in Disguise."


Who knew the King could play the banjo?


Maintenance men monopolize park benches
Devouring donuts and cold coffee
As families race to their next ride.

"Your brochure made fraudulent claims;
We expected something little more family friendly!"
Mother scolds a ragged rabbit resting
On a shabby path to the carousel.


"Look lady, this ain't no Disneyland!"


The parents reflect back to simpler times
Like when they were mugged at Fisherman's Wharf
During their San Francisco honeymoon.


"At least that police force was friendly."


The famished family crowds a cart
Waiting on pretzels and refreshing lemonade.


"Do you accept Master Card?"


"The sign says cash only, Mac!"


Where are the adorable animals hugging cuddly kids
The festive flags dancing in the breeze
The peppy performers greeting guests in the midway?


"Next summer, I’m planning our vacation!

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