What to Do



Happy Valentine's Day

If you are alive on St. Valentine's Day and feel all alone,

Take a walk outside or inside your home.

Remember the past with fondness and glee.

If you want to run away but cannot; use your mind to flee.


I ate too much sugar and became so sweet,

My teeth hurt as much as my feet.


We love each other, my husband and me.

Being one is wonderful. (Except seeing each other too early- in the Mornings).


I took a shower, but wanted to go outside.



Since I would be naked in front of the World, I declined.

(This time).


Since the leaves are all gone, and it is so cold, if I shower outside I must wear clothes.


We are blind.


Yes, both of us.

Blind to the "horrible news" of this World (most of the time) We laugh even still.About what "you" may not understand.


Today, we laughed about life, love and "that" Nurse who said we needed to go into a Nursing Home ---three years ago.

Our daughter laughed.  So?



My Quote--

His name is not Adam, and my name is not Eve.

But the leaves of this earth still cover our "needs".







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