Motivation for #BlackLivesMatter, #Black History Month — #KeepStriving!!

Posturing and telling lies all to disguise
your true feelings which can be seen
in your eyes every time we meet,

A look which I truly despise, but along
with that, are the actions; actions you
constantly display towards me and

As my sigh becomes audible it leaves me
still hopeful that before I die, the illusion
you attempt to force on me as reality,

Is seen for the lie that it is; I know I
am better than you think I am but
experiences with you indicate

Your sincere acceptance of me will
never take place; more to the point
is the hope we arrive at the time

Described in the Bible, where the
meek shall inherit the earth and the
liars that are dominant,

Will parish in the rivers of distrust,
born of their fears; note that in the
years of unbridled abuse,

The merciless corruption, the true
threads of the very real, unrelenting
obstructions is you;

That what I have always experienced
in your presence, as you attempt
to convince me the actions taken

Are with my best interest at heart and in you
I can trust, are nothing more than the
contrived notions of an unstable mind;

Understand, no amount of careful convincing
could take place because you are
being seen by the masses,

For who you truly are; I refuse to follow the path
you have falsely chosen for me,
by using the tools of self-destruction

You placed before me, as you funneled
drugs through the communities
where I live, with the hope

Of distracting me and contradicting my way
of life, but I am wise to your desires
and your inability to see me

Or hear my pleas for equality; I am taking
a stand, no more being led by you,
held back by the man who sees not,

Nor hears my cries; no more living your lies or
backing you in your irrational thoughts
that breed your hateful, heartfelt stance;

Not even in your feelings of superiority, as you
continue to feel so worthy of the very
unearned entitlements you have stolen

Simply based on your skin color, or more to the
point, the color of mines which for me
is the biggest lie of them all;

Instead, I will continue to stand tall in the face
of your adversity and trust me this battle
will be won eventually even though

You will not like it, I will, in the end, be winning
this battle and claiming that victory
that has been denied me for so long


© 2016 Connie Jordan
All Rights Reserved


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