Workplace Daydreams



The most valuable resource for employees trying to make it through the day; the daydream.

A corporate career carries prestige and mystique,

But employees need more to survive the work week,

Sure, bonus and vacation move the stoic to beam,

But the most consistent reward? No doubt, the daydream,

In the compliance meeting with the constant queries,

I scored a run in Game 6, and won the World Series,

At the offsite reviewing our quarterly plans,

My band and I played to crowds of adoring fans,

Hearing one of my employees complain of her stress,

I asked my teenage crush out and this time she said yes,

Workplace daydreams provide hope and inspiration,

My body is at work, my mind on vacation,

You send budgets for IT and polished sales pitches,

But I’m a comic onstage and the crowd is in stitches,

I do want to help you with the message you’re crafting,

But I’m a guide on some Class V white water rafting,

Sometimes in our work, we are gripped by a fear,

Is this really my life?  Will this be my career?

Just know when your day doesn’t go as well as you planned,

Let the sun hit your shoulders and your feet hit the sand.

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