I hear you,but I hear not what you say.I see you,but my eyes see thoughts elsewhere.I look at you,but your soul burns into me.I feel you,but your soft touch is too strong.I hold onto you,but I squeeze you too hard.I want to speak,but the words will n...

I hear you,
but I hear not what you say.
I see you,
but my eyes see thoughts elsewhere.
I look at you,
but your soul burns into me.
I feel you,
but your soft touch is too strong.
I hold onto you,
but I squeeze you too hard.
I want to speak,
but the words will not come.
I speak to you,
but my words make no sense.
I reach out,
then I retreat.
I live this life
of intensity,
be patient with me.

© Janey Colbourne 2016

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