Ex for a Reason



My latest little ditty.

Ex for a Reason


Who are you there sitting pretty

Thinking, saying something witty

Let's get down to the nitty gritty

Because all I feel for you is pity


We were an item, but I saw sense

Saw through you're lies, pretence

Your services, I did dispense

Happy now, you are past tense


Who's this now, you've got on show?

The latest mug you've got on tow

Is he dumb too? He looks so slow

About your past, does he know?


All you did was plot and scheme

Lying, cheating, in the extreme

Thinking you're some, perfect meme

But like every other, real bad dream


You think all guys, look and drool

But you don't impress, or look cool

Just not funny, a hopeless fool

Without a heart, and so cruel


Am I over you? Let me guess

No I'm not bitter, I couldn't care less

Just look at you, what a mess

And I've never liked you, in that dress


Whats wrong with you? Where to begin

Boob job, eye brows, double chin

You eat so much, you'll never be thin

You manicured, manic, manikin


We're well aware, of your dimensions

With your existential, hair extensions

Your Facebook likes, Twitter mentions

Showing off your deep pretensions


Like your tan, you are so fake

You slither and slide, scaly snake

You only ever, feed on cake

A walking, talking, future earthquake


A stray dog bitch with parasite fleas on

You don't do loyalty, only treason

Relationships, I've no expertise on

But you're an Ex and its for a reason





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