HIM a poem about my father published by Poetry Australia in 1991. It took me by surprise & came to me unexpectedly when I was twenty-one. At the time I had not seen him for six years & this is one of a very few poems I've ever gotten down about him.


There's a hole there
deep but near
where the father should be
i have a mother
i even have a brother
but i don't have him
never did

I see the scene clearly
A father pushing his child on the swings
laughing with her giggles
driving her higher and higher
blonde plaits airborne
i was not that child
though in sleep
i cried
almost feeling it be

I too swang on the swing
same playground
exact swing
just me
it took longer
but i swang
hoping to take flight
needing to marry the sky
and i did
but alone
Always alone

~ Published by Poetry Australia 1991

(C) HIM Copyright Cristina Munoz 1991


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