Poetic thoughts and emotions.

A merry-go-round in a park may still think of me to be a child.
I wonder which innocent mirth is still in its mind.
Merry-go-round, dance with me through this blessed sunlight!
The years of my past are flown flocks being fed with crumbs.
Merry-go-round, you can speed your shoulders like the winds in flight!
I am still with you but don't understand at what you can laugh.
Merry-go-round, spin my head by taking my infancy up!
The world's misery is down and something around is blind.
The world's mystery is uncovered and I don't understand your delight.
The world's misery is something inside the black gloves of a night.
Merry-go-round, keep my innocent years in your mind!
I wonder if you know I still want to be a child.

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