Measure My Engagement



Using the latest models to track employee engagement

To understand an employee’s unique DNA,

Track their Maslow Pyramid placement each day,

Mondays I have energy which I spread like wildfire,

I seek help and help others, for I’m a high flier,

On Tuesdays I’m important, I still puff out my chest,

I’m achieving, I’m a winner, but I’m really stressed,

On Wednesdays I feel pride, but I’m tapping the brakes,

This place is low on the ‘give’ scale, high on the ‘takes’,

By Thursday I’m appalled by my working conditions,

My time is spent clicking links for open positions,

On Fridays I remind myself that this pays the bills,

And develop my clock-watching, boredom-battling skills,

When we track engagement and assign it a phase,

An employee can zip through them all in only 5 days.

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