A Storm



The continuous conflict within a human is compared with the conflict outside, which is in the form of a storm.

A storm is brewing inside
A storm is brewing outside
Mind is all meddled and messed
Crestfallen can be called at best
Outside, its all moist and sticky
With the far- off gardener's abode all rickety
The world is anything but a purist's delight
Feel sorry for its pick-pockety plight
Lust of all and love for nothing
Could they bring us the vintage green and that amazing spring
With his shaking hands, he collects some drops
Farmer this year hasn't got any crops
Possess still that grumpy smile
But minus the shrewd bag of guile
Green bill has got all the attention
Country side, well just say a detention
Caressing his sailor like beard and bum
Old man is craving for his rustic rum
So he decides to go inside as the storm rakes up some pace
ALAS! homo sapiens sapiens;with an inflated ego and a deceptive carapace
And the storm continues to brew outside
Yes, and a storm is also brewing inside.

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