Ravenous — Consumed



/ poetry


So many facets to this diamond;
Nausea brought on by grief,
Physical pain from sorrow,
Joy and wonder at the
Heartmaking similarity...
You am I...
Laughter at the gravity.
Tears of fear from loss.
Feelings of communion
And oneness tempered by longing.


Sometimes you made me feel
Greater than me,
Sometimes you were a new, wild country
That I had to discover
To see what it could teach me about myself.

It was a strange love
Neither of us wanted it.
Neither of us was in a position
To really nurture it and allow it to grow,
And yet neither of us wanted it to die.
We fought ourselves for it,
We fought each other to keep it alive.
Such a strange state of affairs.

It was a wolf cub that no one owned
And neither had a place to keep it
But it kept demanding our attention
And so we kept feeding it,
And piece by piece it consumed us.
Its favourite treats were fingers, hands, eyes
And its special love of hearts and minds...
It was ravenous for those.
It hurt us even as it grew
And we could not outrun it
Because it lived inside us.
The more we pulled away
The hungrier and wilder it grew.


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