Like Me



A poem covering the effects of colonization and impact on the diaspora, indigenous, and assimilated people of the world.

I like you better when you look like me
Flatten your hair or keep it low
I can't stand for the kinks to show
Lighten your skin — never-mind
I'll make sure your next generation looks more like my kind

I can tolerate you when you think like me
Come to my church and you will see
That's evil
Worship my way or we'll exterminate your people
Once upon a time — And so it went...
Don't you understand?
Your history isn't worth a cent

I have destroyed your culture and forced you to repent
Give me your brain — wash, rinse, repeat

I love it when you hate like me
Look at your people
How about yourself
You'll never be good enough
No matter how much wealth
Your ways are ungodly
Be one of us? Hardly
All we have in common is killing your people
The evolution is you hating you more than I do

Millions of babies aborted every year
The ones you keep
You feed to my peers
Foster care, welfare, courtrooms, and stamps
Baiting you to prisons, chain gangs, and camps
It's all profit as it was before
I get paid off your labor
Turned you into your own slaver
Poisoned your family with fake food and treats
While lining the Docs pockets with more harm than help

Twerking and jerking to empty beats
As we mock your songs of murder and destruction
Drums were the heartbeat of your people's functions
I broke them resold them and gave them a label
Your existence will soon be a fuzzy fable
I could easily flood your streets with blood
Show up on your doorstep and offer a hug
A chance at acceptance, to be one of us
You'll come without a fight
Because it's me
I've got to be right!

Killing you all and taking your land
I wrote the history so you'll never understand
This happened time and time before
And yet you still graciously eat from my hand
Like a vulture finding the dead in the sand
The hand that feeds you won't kill you off
So long as you assimilate, fund my wars and new lofts

Buy my drugs — street and prescribed
Kill a few of you in your lifetime
It doesn't matter — fetus or grown
Don't forget the payday loans!
Ingest my poison — food, water or pill
Just enough to give up your free will

Nibble on my carrots
So supple and sweet
It's funny
You think everything is free
Ever consider that I'm getting over
I've taken your first born sons and your

Locked them away
Worked them like slaves
Lost when they are released
Never working again
Numb to your hate and rejection
More reasons to hate their reflection
All in all they'll belong to me
Finding no other way
Hating to be free

To make it nice and crystal clear
Excuse me, I have no beats, no hooks, or 16s for you to hear
But after this, you will get what I mean
Maybe not
Your hero seizes off of my "lean"

Stay sleep
Stay turnt
Keep dying
Keep buying my poison
Making me rich without any buy-in

I hate you
I love you hating you too
Not sure what makes me happier
My bank or the idea of having faint memories of you


Like Me by Candace D. Henry

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